RELAX Ergonomic Pillow

RELAX is TEC OUT’s newest product and like our other products it’s made with TEC OUT’s core values in mind: Multifunctionality, Durability and Design. 

And now RELAX adds Ergonomical Comfort to the mix. 

Whether you need to rest your head, support your back, or relax your arm RELAX has you covered. 
We have designed RELAX to click together perfectly with SEATS and all the other TEC OUT products. 
No more sore backs and restless nights. RELAX is designed with support in mind. 

RELAX color options: 

They are available in the following colours: Sand, Dawn.

Facts about RELAX:

  • Each pillow measuring 45 x Ø15 cm and weighs about 0.4 kg.
  • Is manufactured in weatherproof 100% polyester, which is UV stable, durable and water resistant.
  • Is anti-bacterial and fungal treated.
  • Soft surface that feels comfortable against the skin.
  • 2 hidden Neodymium magnets inside, having a tensile strength of  about 7 kg each. 
  • The filling is outdoor foam, which lets any moisture pass.
  • The mesh at the bottom provides ventilation.
  • Designed and produced in Denmark. 

Delivery time

The delivery time is 15-20 business days for domestic delivery and 20-25 business days for international delivery.

Free shipping

Free delivery in DK - and free delivery worldwide when spending DKK 2500 (€335) or more.


For more information about RELAX click here.


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