A look at the future of TEC OUT

The purpose of writing this blog is for us to inform and involve, family, friends, networks, customers and others interested in what we are doing  and giving everyone a glimpse into what goes on in  the old dairy in Lund outside of Horsens.

Additionally,we want to tell you what drives us forward, what we really want to achieve in this entrepreneurial world. Our vision, our mission, our goal.


First a little look back

Summer went by fast. Just before we went on summer vacation, our Kickstarter campaign was backed successfully, by 68 wonderful customers; including friends, family, network and other customers.

The goal of the campaign was to proof that there actually was a need in the market for us.
It’s goal was to prove whether our first product Seats was able to be sold and if there was a demand for it, ie. A validation of whether our idea could match the needs of the market - which we had considered were present. In addition, we needed to raise funds to produce our first batch of outdoor cushions, our Batch 0 mini production.

kickstarter backers settle

Fortunately we the answers was a resounding yes, and the rest of the summer was used to get the first hundreds of cushions produced, collected and sent out to our backers.


Over the last couple of months we have gone full speed ahead with Marketing, Sales and Product Development. We have recently presented our 2nd primary product, which is a magnetic shelf that can be mounted outside and inside - it can be seen in the picture below, but also here.

hang tecout

The shelf, is capable  of mounting up to 8 Seats - using the magnets.
Therefore the name for the shelf is obviously HANG :-)

Our third product is also in development right now, but we’ll tell you more about that later.


A Naive Dream ...

A dream that if you make good products that cover many needs in people's everyday life, it will probably be very easy to sell them - no problems.
Great products should sell themselves right? Wrong!

... 3 naive designers became smarter ...

Story time:

A clever man told a story about this inventor sitting down in his basement. He has invented the world's wildest product that can both cure cancer, give a happy life and save the world. A marketing expert comes down the basement to visit the inventor and asks him how it goes with the sale of his product, to which the inventor answers: "Not so well, I have not really sold anything yet."

The marketing expert answers: "It's a really good product you have, but have you told anyone ...?"


Anyways, the moral of the story being, even the best products in the world don’t sell, if the customers don’t know it exists.

That was my first attempt at a blog post, let me know if you like it.

More to come in the future.

Chief Of TEC OUT.

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